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   Based in Trinidad and Tobago, DYKON Developments Ltd. was founded in 1996 to
   provide consultancy-type services in a practical and performance-based manner to clients
   wishing to transform their businesses into value-adding, information-based and creatively
   rewarding enterprises.

   The company partners with clients to create a learning environment where the client’s
   intellectual capital is nurtured and its value understood. The approach enables clients to focus on
   their core competencies, relying on DYKON Developments Ltd. to provide the requisite
   support functions and services that will enable them to achieve measurable success and

   The establishment of DYKON Developments Inc. in Barbados in 2007 is further
   indication of geographical expansion as the company continues to emphasize its reputation both
   across the Caribbean region and internationally. The company is continuously embracing the
   challenges of the global market and we are proud that our response is always innovative and
   unique to our client’s needs. DYKON looks forward to offering our services by our thorough
   utilization of our vast consultant and associate network.

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